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RealManCoverUpdate2amazonWho Is the Real Man Behind the Screen is a must read for anyone who is currently or thinking about online dating, anyone who has friends and/or family that is online dating, and anyone that has been or knows someone that has been scammed via the Internet dating romance scam.

In this book you will read intimate chats, emails, text “red flags”, “language”, “formats” and “scam stories” told from beginning to end that the scammers employ. You will learn how scammers gain your trust to swindle your money; the inner workings of the scamming world…told by scammers themselves, how to identify tools of the trade scammers use to fool you, and the dangers entwined with online dating. There are over 90 red flags. Without knowing how to recognize the “red flags” of scammers, it is not “if” you will be scammed, it’s “when”.

DL Garren draws heavily from her chats with twenty-six scammers, three of whom revealed their real identities, and became her inside sources and three others who verified the facts she was provided. They taught her the inner workings of the “Romance Scam” and helped her navigate safely through her research. Now, she is teaching you so you can be safe!


Online dating has become very popular for obvious reasons. It provides an opportunity to expand your search for that “perfect someone” from the comfort and safety of your home. It’s not the type of scenario where you expect to attract thieves looking to steal your money, but these predators enjoy a great deal of financial success because they know how to manipulate your heart and bank account.

I spent a good part of my law enforcement career that spanned over 20 years investigating online fraud, and it involved people from all walks of life and socioeconomic groups. The one universal truth is that anyone can be a victim. Predators focus their collective efforts on learning what to say and do to legitimize their online identity and gain your trust. They share their methods with other predators to ensure further success. Any amount of money they can get, from $5.00 to $100,000.00 or more, is considered a victory because their single goal is to get your money.

Who is the Real Man Behind the Screen? is an in-depth look at online dating fraud and some of the tactics predators use. The book follows the fraud from start to finish, with detailed chats, emails, websites, posted pictures, and most importantly the “red flags.” Red Flags are the subtle cues that something is wrong. These red flags are something the average person may overlook, but after reading this book you will see just how important they really are to prevent yourself from being victimized.

The most dangerous attitude is, “It will never happen to me.” Predators expend almost unlimited resources to hone their skills to separate your from your money and will continue to use the anonymity of the Internet to target their victims. It can happen to you, and education is the key to keeping yourself safe. Knowing what to look for and the methods used by predators will help you to identify the true intentions of the person behind the screen.

Paul Price CEO, Beyond IT Houston, Texas

Do not miss this compelling behind-the-scenes trip into the workings of the scamming world. It will truly educate you!

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