About the Author

D L Garren

jpeg-Speaking-HeadshotD L Garren is the Founder and CEO of True Perceptions, Inc®, a business consulting and perception management firm based in the USA. For more than a decade she has consulted in the areas of business development, sales, marketing, branding, and perception management for investigative agencies, many of whom are fraud investigators, retired Law Enforcement, FBI, CIA and Secret Service, security companies, process serving companies, and attorneys.

Garren is widely regarded as a thought leader about the power of perception in every aspect of life. She is keenly discerning and dedicated to truth. Through her work with investigators Garren learns investigative skills and techniques, which she leveraged to gather facts for her two new books: “Who Is the Real Man Behind the Screen?” and “Is it a Real Soldier Behind the Screen?”

There are over 90 red flags listed in her books, live chats, emails, and text so people can follow the scams from beginning to end. The books are written in such a way the reader feels every emotion. Diana’s expertise will help you help your family, friends and client’s protect their heart and money when online dating.

Diana is a well-known speaker throughout the United States. She is known for her sincerity, enthusiasm, and her no-nonsense approach. She speaks truth because she knows it is truth that makes a change. Diana can be reached at www.trueperceptions.com, www.dlgarren.com and www.silentvictimnomore.com