First-hand insight and information to keep your heart and money safe when online dating!

Who Is the Real Man Behind the Screen is a must read for anyone who is currently or thinking about online dating, anyone who has friends and/or family that is online dating, and...

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Michael J. West, Criminologist and Certified Fraud Examiner, Arkansas

“Diana is undoubtedly the reigning expert on online dating scams. I’ve personally seen the effort and the diligence she has put into her books and there’s no one that has the insider knowledge that she possesses.  Over a decade of working with private investigators and attorneys has clearly resulted in a perseverance that’s unmatched in this arena. She’s not only captured the “how’s” of the scammers’ trade, but she’s also managed to get them to confide in her and divulge the elusive “why’s”. This is the unparalleled “how-to” book for investigators and fraud experts. TV  experts  claim to know how these scams work but Diana isn’t talking theory. This is practical (and personal) knowledge. You will learn much from her. Stay tuned, more secrets will be revealed in her other books on online dating scams.”


Jim Carino, Retired Special Agent AFOSI & Founder & Executive Director Emeritus, Intellenet, Pennsylvania

“Diana Garren has written a heart-wrenching story of a search for happiness gone awry, placing trust above all. This is a must read not only by those who search for relationships on the Internet but also for investigators called up to assist. Ms. Garren has written the definitive primer and pleads her case exceptionally well for due diligence to avoid a disastrous emotional roller coaster ride. Read it, learn from it or weep.”