Learn the “Red Flags” and “Inner Workings” of the Military Online Dating Scams!

Learn the “Red Flags” and “Inner Workings” of the Military Online Dating Scams!

RealSoldierSliderIs It a Real Soldier Behind the Screen is a must read for anyone who is currently or thinking about online dating, anyone who has friends and/or family that is online dating, and anyone that has been or knows someone that has been scammed via the Internet dating romance scam.

The military scam is brutal and this book provides first-hand insight and knowledge to keep your heart and money safe when online dating.

In this book you will read intimate chats, emails, text “red flags”, “language”, “formats” and “scam stories” told from beginning to end that the scammers employ. You will learn how scammers gain your trust to swindle your money; the inner workings of the scamming world…told by scammers themselves, how to identify tools of the trade scammers use to fool you, and the dangers entwined with online dating. There are over 90 red flags. Without knowing how to recognize the “red flags” of scammers, it is not “if” you will be scammed, it’s “when”.

DL Garren draws heavily from her chats with twenty-six scammers, three of whom revealed their real identities, and became her inside sources, and three others who verified the facts she was provided. They taught her the inner workings of the “Military Romance Scam” and helped her navigate safely through her research. Now, she is teaching you so you can be safe!

Do not miss this compelling behind-the-scenes trip into the workings of the scamming world. It will truly educate you!

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